Saturday, April 23, 2011

Glory.... hmmm. (Updated with LBL quick picks)

A short video worth watching on a rainy day in NYC. I don't ride a Trek bike but it's more about Cancellara and the Classics than about Trek. There are two parts of the video I particularly like... in the beginning when Cancellara says "Glory... hmm" and when he talks about how he was going through the Forest of Arenberg at 5kph. The latter made him sound almost mortal.

Enjoy Liege Bastogne Liege tomorrow!

Updated: Okay, since I was asked why I don't have any picks for today's LBL....

  • Vinokourov will try to make a late breakaway again to try to defend his title... but won't get much of a leash this year.
  • The Schleck brothers will work together, with the emphasis on Frank being the primary protected rider.
  • As strong as Gilbert is, I think the climbs are just a bit too long for him and start to favor the pure climbers. I'll pick Joaquím Rodríguez to win LBL today.


  1. predictions for tomorrow??

  2. I wont say probably know the results by now.