Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 signs that cycling has taken over your life

1.  Distances are measured by how long it would take you to cover it on a bike.  New York to Los Angeles is 208.34 hours.  197.59 hours if you use your aero wheels.

2.  You mutter "car back" while driving when you see headlights behind you.  (+1 if your significant other actually understands why you do this.)

3.  You start drafting behind people on the sidewalk.

4.  You read articles about cycling and impotence, shrug your shoulders, and go for a 50 mile ride.

5.  You try to lift your butt off the car seat when you drive over a bump.

6.  You shave your legs more than your wife or girlfriend.  She borrows your Nair.

7.  You have quads like a horse.  And biceps like vermicelli.  And you think this looks good.  (Urkel wants his arms back.)

8.  You calculate the cost of your last carbon fiber purchase in $/gram.  And discover that cocaine is actually cheaper.

9.  You traded in your perfectly good car to buy a new one with paddle shifters... because they just make more sense.

10.  Someone tries to schedule a meeting at 12:25 and you hear something about cassettes.


  1. Shaved legs? Really?

  2. funny reading that I saw 12:25 and never thought time only thought cassette.

  3. I'm a tough guy. I start my meetings at 11:21

  4. Well when I pass someone in the car I shout "On your left" just before pulling out to pass.

  5. Whenever my wife is driving, I'll tell her "Clear right" as we pull into traffic. She understands.

    I've also pointed out potholes while driving - by myself.

  6. Great list, I can relate to most of them.
    Another to add: You carry a bike water bottle in the car and think about installing a cage.

  7. #11- You corner your car like you ride on the road. Out, in, out.

    #12- You keep gels, bars, and pre ride snacks in your car console so you can fuel up on the way home from work. Then, you're ready to roll as soon as you get home.

    #13- You name your dog Trek, Campy or something to that effect.

    #14- You name your child after a favorite rider.

    #15- "Bike ride" is one of the first five words spoken by your toddler. *this may or may not pertain to me*

    #16- Crotchal happiness is a term used more than you'd like to admit.

  8. when you are driving your car in the city, you try to ga as fast as you can only to go by green in the trafic ligts

  9. You associate the sound of a gunshot with Sufferfest videos.