Saturday, April 30, 2011

Coming tomorrow: the 5 Boro Bike Tour

Start of the 2010 Five Boro Bike Tour
Every May, I ride with 31,999 other riders in the Five Boro Bike tour. It's a 42 mile leisurely jaunt through the five boroughs of New York City. Though it's not a competitive ride or even very challenging at this point, it's something that I have a soft spot for. When I first participated in this ride 3 years ago, it was my first "long" ride that I did on a road bike... and was one of the reasons I fell in love with cycling. People who ride this come in every shape and size. They ride on mountain bikes, tandems, recumbents and road bikes. Families ride this together, sometimes even on a single bike. (I once saw a bike that had 5 people on it!) It's really a wonderful display of all the various types of people who love riding a bike. I'll post pictures from the ride tomorrow.

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. -H.G. Wells

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