Thursday, January 6, 2011

They did it... Team Leopard-Trek

Despite the fact that I had hoped they wouldn't do it, the Luxembourg Pro Cycling Project today announced their official name.  Team Leopard-Trek.  Frankly, it's actually not all that bad.  After all, the snow leopard is a freaking cool animal.  And it seems that the team had the good sense to not dress their riders in some outrageous animal print kit.

Wait, I feel like I've seen something like these jerseys before.

I mean, c'mon. Couldn't the teams have been just a little more creative? For all the money Team Sky, Garmin-Cervelo, and Leopard-Trek spend on advertising, they couldn't come up with a different color scheme? Some designer (probably the same one for all three teams) decided that black/blue/white was the best scheme for 2011. That's a great marketing strategy. Let's all look alike so nobody can tell us apart in the peloton.

Then again, it might work:

Phil Liggett:  And once again, it's Team Sky at the front driving the train.  Or wait, maybe that's Garmin-Cervelo.  No, it's Jens Voigt from Team Leopard-Trek!
Paul Sherwin: Indeed, it looks like Team Sky-Garmin-Cervelo-Leopard-Trek has taken control of the of the pace!  Look at them!  They are on the rivet as they barrel down to the 1K marker!
Phil: Paul, this is so exciting!  I have no idea which team is in the front! I think it might be Garmin-Sky that's leading out the sprint! Or maybe it's Trek-Cervelo!
Paul:  ???

With all the confusion, poor Phil and Paul may end up saying the sponsors' names more than they would if the kits were easily distinguishable.  Brilliant!

In any case, I'm still pretty stoked about watching this team in 2011.  Watching Cancellara and the Schlecks during the presentation was great.  Even if it looked like they were about to break into a dance routine from an Oliver Twist musical.

"Please sir, I want some more."
"More?  MORE?"


  1. I'm kind of "meh" about these. Looks like they missed printing logos on 3/4 of the jersey.


  2. Stacie, there's something attractive about having names splattered all over a jersey? Boy, do you and I ever have different aesthetics.