Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fight laziness! The Fun Stairs....

Not really related to cycling at all... but an interesting video.

In the United States, 26.6% of all adults are obese and 74.1% are overweight. Rising obesity will cost the U.S. healthcare system $344 billion dollars a year. Something needs to be done... step by step.


  1. 26.6% + 74.1% = 100.7%. I guess everyone in the US is either obese or overweight.

  2. Though numerically not possible, it seems very probable. The stats for "overweight" probably include both overweight and obese.

  3. Ummm... figure of 26.6% is a factored part of the 74.1%...

    Obviously those obese people ARE overweight... so that means NOT ALL OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE ARE OBESE but some of them are...

  4. Yes, I was being a little snide with that earlier response. The 74.1% includes the overweight and obese.